Customising Game Play In Online Pokies

June 12, 2015


When you access a pokie game at your online casino it loads with default settings. There are two types of settings. The first are the betting parameters like number of paylines, number of coins wagered per payline and coin size. Players automatically reset these to their need because these directly affect the amount wagered. The other settings pertain to the playing arena such as the game speed, audio options and graphics quality. Many players do not bother to customize these. However, if you intend to play online pokies for long periods of time you should experiment with these settings and find out what works best for you. This article will help you get started.

In the default setting the reels take some time before they come to a stop. In particular, the last reel stops perceptibly later than the others allowing players to get a peek of what they can expect. Some players find this delay irritating. Time may be short and they want to get as many spins as they can. Therefore, software providers have included an option that has the reels stop more quickly. This option goes by different names in different pokie machines, such as Quick Spin, Fast Play and Turbo Mode. Along with the other customization options this can be accessed through the Option button located somewhere on the screen.

Online pokies are meant to be an audio visual experience. Software providers take pains to incorporate appropriate audio tracks into the game. There are different types of sounds, such as background music, game sounds and audio associated with win combinations. When a pokie game is just released players enjoy this audio experience. Unless the audio is very good, the novelty may wear off after some time. Then players may prefer to listen to their favourite music while playing pokies. Software providers allow players to disable the audio if they want to. This is an addition to the volume control facility. Some of the leading software providers servicing Australian online casinos allow players to enable or disable different types of sounds independently.

Today online pokies have intense graphical and animation content. Fortunately, the technology in the latest computers and laptops can take care of this level of graphics. Therefore the default setting for graphics is at the highest level. But there would be some players who are still using older machines. They may have difficulty in loading these pokie machines or find that the games freeze during play. In order to help such players, software providers also incorporate a lower graphics setting in the options. There is a loss of sharpness of graphics but the game play is smooth.