CryptoLogic's Sweet Thing Pokie Review

October 10, 2014


When something different comes along in the online pokies world, players usually sit back and take notice. The Sweet Thing pokie by CryptoLogic is a great example of a game that's pretty atypical, and for that reason, it's pretty easy to get hooked on its cool gameplay. This game has a candy-based theme and a high volatility with a good number of upper level payouts. The bonus feature is pretty atypical as well, so make sure that you think about how you want to approach it ahead of time so you'll know what to do when you trigger it.

Sweet Thing uses a three-by-three format that uses three reels with three rows. The symbols are randomized individually instead of by reel, so you have eight paylines to deal with. These paylines are vertical, horizontal and diagonal across the three-by-three space. You can bet a single coin on each way to win, and the coins range from $0.01 to $20 each. This gives Sweet Thing a betting range that starts at the super-low $0.08 per spin making this game a favorite among penny players who want some shots at some significant payouts overall. You can also bet as high as $160 per spin in this game, so it's easy to see that all stakes are covered.

The Sweet Thing symbol is wild in this game, and three in a row will get you a 3,000x top payout. Keep in mind, however, that getting three wilds at the same time will make it likely that you trigger other wins, so you're be likely to get more than 3,000x when you line this up. Three of the red ring symbol is a 2,000x payout, and they drop off a little from that point. However, the Sweet Thing symbol is important for another reason.

If you pick up at least two of them on the same line, you get to play a bonus feature. There's a good bit of skill involved in this feature, so you'll want to think about how to play it before it gets triggered. You get a grid of eight squares, and you get to play a memory-based game where you try to match pairs of symbols. You can make up to three mistakes, and you have 30 seconds to try to get as many pairs as you can. Each time you pair up a set, you'll get an instant payout.