CryptoLogic's Cool Bananas Slot Review

July 20, 2012


There are a lot of video slots out there, especially with the CryptoLogic software, that cater to different types of players. Some people play small stakes; others play high stakes. Some people prefer huge progressive jackpots as their top prize, but many players do not. In fact, a lot of online slots players shy away from games with progressive jackpots because they feel like they're too hard to hit. Instead, these players look towards games like CryptoLogic's Cool Bananas slot that features a relatively low jackpot size that pays out much more frequently. This creates a situation where they feel like they can actually win the top prize.

The Cool Bananas slot featured at a number of CryptoLogic online casinos is an exclusive slot that caters to a very specific demographic. This video slot is especially made for high stakes players who want to play a game with a lower volatility than average and no progressive jackpot. This game has nine paylines over five reels with a minimum coin size of $1. Players are forced to bet at least one coin on each payline, so the minimum bet per spin in this game is $9. This is why the game is considered to be a high stakes slot.

Cool Bananas has some cool features and a hilarious theme. The game is based on a King Kong satire named Mighty Monkey. The Mighty Monkey symbol is a wild symbol in this game. This wild symbol appears on the first, second, fourth and fifth reels, and the third reel has a Banana symbol instead. If you get the Banana symbol along with at least one Mighty Monkey, then you get a set of free spins. Players can win up to 40 free spins at once, and all of those free spins will have a 2x multiplier.

Getting five of the Girl symbol in this game will give you the jackpot payout worth a 5,000x payout. You can get a 2,000x payout with five of the Skyline symbol. There are a few different ways to get the 1,000x payout: Players can pick this up with five of the Ice Cream symbol, five of the Sunglasses symbol or four of the Girl symbol. With so many mid-range payouts, this is a game that has a lower than average volatility, so it might appeal to players who don't like the risk of playing high stakes games with big progressive jackpots that rarely pay out.