Comparing Classic Slots and Video Slots to Pokies

October 5, 2012


Online slots fans will often see the terms classic slots and video slots thrown around without a clear idea of what they mean. Players from Australia who are familiar with pokies will quickly realize that games of this format are more like classic slots than video slots when they look at an online casino, but this doesn't help them much if they are considering making the switch to a different slot format. There are clear differences between classic slots and video slots that are important to know no matter which type of game you prefer, especially if you are an Australian player who might be familiar with land-based pokies.

Classic slots are based on land-based pokies and slot machines. They typically have three reels, and they will often only have one payline. It's a special treat when a classic slot has three or five paylines, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a classic slot that has more than five paylines. Classic slots are based around a set pay table with standard symbols like cherries, bars, lucky sevens and other fruit. As far as payoffs go, land-based pokies will typically have payout rates of between 70 and 80 percent. However, online classic slots will almost always have payout rates higher than 95 percent. This is a good reason to play pokies online instead of in bars, pubs and shops.

Video slots are like classic slots on steroids. Instead of being confined to the traditional slot layout, video slots take advantage of the fact that actual levers and reels are not being used. This means that you're usually going to be looking at five-reel games with a lot of special features that aren't common on classic slots. Wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus games are very common in video slots. Video slots also have payouts of over 95 percent, and there isn't a major difference between classic slots and video slots when it comes to payout rates.

With that having been said, classic slots usually have a lower volatility on average than video slots. This means that you're going to get a more steady stream of low and medium prizes in classic slots, and you will have fewer big swings in the classic slots than in the video slots. Video slots are able to pay out with special features because it's harder to get the biggest prizes. The biggest prizes in a video slot game requires five symbols to line up, but it only takes three in a classic slot. This is the main difference between the two types of games.