Common Mistakes When Playing Soft Blackjack Hands

October 19, 2012


Soft hands are the most difficult hands in blackjack because they create a lot of complicated betting scenarios where you have several different ways to play that can seem valid. With so many options that can seem good, it can be very easy to make big mistakes over and over again in this game when you have soft hands. We're going to show you how to avoid the most common mistakes by giving you a simple strategy to follow based on easy-to-remember rules so that you can play soft hands more accurately and get a better payout rate in blackjack.

When you have a soft hand in blackjack, you're going to have three options: hit, stand or double. If you don't have the option to double, then you should always hit hands that are 17 and lower, and you should always stand on hands that are 18 or lower. The only exception to this rule is if you have 18 against a dealer Nine or Ten, and in that case you should hit. If you follow this simple rule, then you will play perfectly when you have three or more cards and still have a soft hand. This rule is not difficult to remember, and it can add to your payout rate immediately since you will make fewer mistakes.

All that's left if you want to play soft blackjack hands perfectly 100 percent of the time is to learn how to double correctly. The first rule to learn is that you're never, ever going to double against a strong dealer card. Strong dealer cards are all cards Seven or higher, including Aces. With that important rule out of the way, also need to know that against small soft hands, you'll only double against a Four, Five or Six. The small soft hands are totals of 13 to 16, and they're grouped together because they all play very similarly since the dealer always has to stand on 17.

If you find yourself with a total of 17 or 18, then you have a huge advantage as long as your opponent does not have a strong card of Seven or higher. You should always double with a 17 or 18 against a weak dealer card except if you have a soft 18 against a dealer Two. The only time you should double with a total of 19 is when you are facing a dealer Six. These are simple rules that are easy to follow, and if you do follow them, then you will play blackjack perfectly when you have a soft hand.