Clover Lady, the latest pokie release from Wazdan, presents a unique twist on the Red Riding Hood legend. But this time, instead of an imperilled lass in red, we’ve got a beautiful young woman in a green cloak. Set in an enchanted forest, it also differs by offering a direwolf companion instead of a vicious granny killer.

The game features a clover jackpot bonus, buy feature, gamble option, and adjustable volatility. Players should also enjoy the ultra-fast and big screen modes, which appear on many of this designer’s games.

For more information, please take a look at the following Clover Lady pokie review. By the time you finish, you should have a much better idea of whether or not this game is right for you.

Finding the Game

In order to try this game, you’ll need to locate an online casino that carries pokies from Wazdan. For Australian punters, the best option is Woo Casino. I recently opened an account, and I’ve been impressed with their selection and customer service.

Return to Player

The return-to-player percentage, also known as RTP, is the all-important feature on any poker machine. This percentage indicates, over thousands of spins, the expected payout on your game of choice.

For example, the RTP for Clover Lady is 96.21%. This means you’ll win around $96.21 for every $100 wagered.

The RTP for this game is average for an online pokie. However, it’s far better than what you could expect to find at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Adjustable Volatility

A number of Wazdan pokies allow the player to adjust the game’s volatility. In the case of Clover Lady, here are your options:

  • Low – Steady stream of normal wins, but larger payouts are far apart.
  • Standard – Equal mix of regular payouts and larger prizes,
  • High – Fewer payouts, but big wins may come closer together.

This is obviously a desirable option, as it allows players to choose their preferred volatility. It’s easy to forget about it sometimes, but you can’t blame the designers for that.

Possible Wagers

Clover Lady offers 36 different wagers. The smallest of these is $0.10 per spin, while the largest is $100. That’s an excellent range, making this pokie suitable for all types of customers.

Virtual reels for Clover Lady pokie

Clover Lady Paytable

This section deals with the paytable for this poker machine. In other words, we’ll be looking at all the symbols and their overall values.

In the examples below, I’m using a wager of $25 per spin. However, keep in mind that different wagers result in a variety of payouts.

  • Jack – Pays $5 for three matches, $10 for four, $25 for five, and $50 for six.
  • Queen – Worth $5 for three matches, $15 for four, $30 for five, and $60 for six.
  • King – Valued at $10 for three matches, $25 for four, $45 for five, and $75 for six.
  • Ace – Pays $10 for three matches, $30 for four, $60 for five, and $125 for six.
  • Golden Acorn – Valued at $20 for three, $40 for four, $75 for five, and $150 for six.
  • Bronze Plant Bud – Worth $25 for three, $50 for four, $100 for five, and $250 for six.
  • Sapphire Apple – Pays $25 for three, $75 for four, $125 for five, and $500 for six.
  • Ruby Strawberry – Worth $50 for three matches, $125 for four, $250 for five, and $750 for six.
  • Four Leaf Clover – This is the game’s wild symbol, which means it substitutes for everything except the bonus and direwolf icons. It also offers a payout of $75 for three, $375 for four, $1000 for five, and $2500 for six.
  • Clover Lady – Three or more of these activates the Clover Jackpot Bonus.
  • Direwolf – Multiplies the bonus win. See the next section for more information.

Clover Jackpot Bonus

This bonus triggers when three or more Clover Lady symbols appear on the reels of the base game. During this feature, all bonus and direwolf symbols stick to the reels. Bonus symbols can show up anywhere, but they’ll always relocate to the middle row. Direwolf symbols, meanwhile, only appear on the top and bottom rows of the reels.

At the beginning of the bonus, the player receives three re-spins. Each time you spin during the bonus round, the counter moves toward zero. If a bonus or direwolf symbol appears, the number of re-spins is reset to three. This continues until all re-spins have been used, at which point the bonus round ends.

The direwolf icon multiplies a bonus win by 1.5x. Each additional direwolf increases the multiplier by 0.5%. If you get 12 direwolves, you’ll receive the maximum multiplier of 7x.

In order to get the best payout, you’ll need six bonus and 12 direwolf symbols. When this occurs, you’ll win a multiplier worth 3500x your wager.

At the end of the bonus, you’ll also win a jackpot based on the size of the initial wager and the number of bonus symbols collected. For a $25 wager, these include:

  • Three – $250
  • Four – $625
  • Five – $1,250
  • Six – $12,500

Double or Nothing

After each winning spin, you can try to double your money. In order to do so, you’ll need to choose from a pair of enchanted plants. If you select the wrong one, then you’ll lose the amount you just risked.

This wager can be made multiple times, just as long as you keep winning. While this option is tempting, I suggest staying away from it.

Final Thoughts

The 96.21% RTP tells me all I need to know, which is that Clover Lady is a decent option for profit-minded punters. If you like legends involving giant wolves and girls in cloaks, then it should be even more attractive. At the very least, it’s better than what you’ll find in land-based casinos.

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