Basics Of Multi Hand Online Video Poker

June 19, 2015


Almost all online variants of video poker games are available in multi hand formats at online casinos. Whether you play a single hand game or a multi hand game of the same variant, the optimum video poker strategy remains the same. The reason that multi hand video poker games are becoming more popular is that they increase the speed of the game play and they eliminate the process of initiating the game after each single hand is completed.

The numbers of hands in multi hand online video poker usually start at four and go as high as 100. Some software providers offer video poker games with different number of hands as separate titles. Other software providers allow you to choose the number of hands from within the game, which is more convenient. Each hand is played with a separate single deck.

The gameplay for multi-hand video poker is as follows. You first select the number of hands. You then select the number of coins to be wagered and the coin size. The strategy of playing with the maximum of five coins applies to multi hand video poker as well. This makes you eligible for the jackpot payouts. The total bet amount will be the product of the number of hands, the number of coins and coin size.

You will be first dealt five cards in the central playing area. You select the cards that you want to hold by clicking on them. In multi hand poker these held cards are transferred face up to the corresponding positions in all the hands. Then you click the Draw button. First the remaining cards in the main hand are replaced. Then cards are dealt to the empty places in the remaining hands. Each hand is independently compared with the payout table for that online video poker variant. The double option is available in the multi hand games as well. You have to stake the combined wins from all hands in the double option.

Multi hand online video poker is visually different and more exciting than single hand games. A number of visual techniques are provided to help you track the game. With increasing number of hands the text size gets smaller and becomes difficult to read. Therefore color codes are used to identify the hand ranking in the winning hands. The idea of multi hand video poker is to increase the speed of play. Many online casino software providers offer speed settings that eliminate card dealing animations altogether.