Available Information and Strategic Options in Casino Poker Games

November 14, 2014


While there are a lot of players out there who prefer to play casino games that incorporate a large degree of skill, most of those players only have study material for video poker and blackjack. Along these lines, many of them hesitate to get in on the action with casino poker games because they know that there's a bit of skill involved, and they aren't sure where to start. We want to give you some general ideas that can be applied to studying strategy in these titles based on the two key concepts that govern skill in these games.

The first concept you have to learn about is the available information. In most games, the available information will be the cards you're able to see which includes the cards in your own hand and any cards that you're able to see of the dealers. Almost always, the cards in your hand will be more important than the cards the dealer is showing. Along these lines, you have to make your decisions based primarily on the cards in your own hand and then only rely on the dealer's up cards in marginal situations where your hand could be played either way.

The second concept you have to understand is the idea of strategic decisions. Identifying the strategic decisions in a game is the most important step you can take towards figuring out how to play. In short, a strategic decision is any decision that will affect your overall payout rate. This could be when to bet, raise, fold or draw, and all of the decisions are important. When learning these games, you should start out by always trying to use the available information to take the best option from your available strategic decisions.

Once you start thinking about casino poker in this way, then you're able to really push forward and start examining individual games in a high degree of depth. Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker are probably the best games for players to start with who are new to casino poker because they are very pure examples of the above two concepts in action. Both of these games can be mastered in a short amount of time if you apply yourself to the two concepts that we have looked at here, and then you can move on to more difficult games like Caribbean Draw.