A Simple Method for Playing Deuces Wild Video Poker Well

September 28, 2012


Australian players love video poker, and Deuces Wild is the most popular video poker game for Australian players that features wild cards. The addition of wild cards to a game makes strategy more difficult to learn because there are so many different ways to play certain types of hands. This game has a low house advantage if you play well; at Microgaming-powered online casinos, the house advantage is lower than one percent, and at Playtech-powered online casinos, the house advantage is under 1.2 percent. We're going to show you an almost perfect way to play that's pretty easy to learn and will give you great payout rates.

Playing with two or more Twos in your hand is really simple and there isn't much strategy involved since the best plays are extremely obvious. That leaves us with two scenarios based on if you have a single Two in your hand or no Twos in your hand. With a single two, you'll always keep any pat hand that's four of a kind or better. The next best hand you can have is four to a royal flush which is slightly better than a full house.

Next in line is four to a straight flush as long as you have at least three cards in a row, and these hands are better than pat three of a kinds, pat flushes and pat straights. All other hands that are four to a straight flush come next, and this is followed by any three to a royal flush. If you have three to a straight flush with at least two connected cards, then you should keep those. Without at least three to a straight flush, you should simply keep your Two and discard everything else.

With no Twos in your hand, play is pretty simple. Four to a royal flush beats all made hands except for five to a royal flush. Three of a kind is slightly better than four to a straight flush which is better than three to a royal flush. The next best hand is a single pair, and keep in mind that in Deuces Wild, the size of the pair doesn't matter because you don't get paid for single pair hands. Four to a flush is worst than a pair, and four to an open-ended straight draw comes next. The last hands, in order, are three to a straight flush, four to an inside straight and two to a royal flush. All you'll need to do when you discard is play the best hand available based on these lists, and you'll be playing within 0.05 percent of perfect.