A New Approach to Building Strategies in European Roulette

September 5, 2014


European roulette is one of the most basic types of table games that everyone should know how to play who enjoys casino games of any type. The reason for this is that it teaches you a lot about creating strategies, managing volatility and understanding the house advantage. We want to give you some ideas on how you can use a new approach to building European roulette strategies to that you can really make the game your own. If you use these ideas, you'll be able to customize the game to be exactly what you want it to be.

What you have to start with is the idea that all bets in this game have the same house advantage, but you can change your variance with bets that have a lower payout rate or a higher payout rate. Bets with a higher payout rate are less likely to hit, and wagers with a lower payout rate are more likely to hit, so it's always balanced in a way that gives you the same average house edge. On one extreme end you have the straight-up bet that rarely hits but that has a 35:1 payout. On the other extreme end you have the evens bets that hit often but only pay you at 2:1.

For any specific bet, you can use a quick formula to determine the payout. Divide 36 by the number of spots that the bet wins with and subtract one to get the payout. So a corner bet wins on 4 spots, so you divide 36 by 4 and subtract 1 to get 8:1 as your payout rate on these bets. These are a nice middle-of-the-road type of wager. Knowing the payouts on these individual wagers helps you to use the following strategy for European roulette.

What you want to do is start off by mixing two bets that have different payout levels or volatility levels. So you could combine a split bet with a 2:1 bet, but the key is that they have to overlap in at least one spot. So you might do a split bet on 1-2 but then have a column bet on the first column of numbers from 1 down to 34, so the two wagers overlap on 1. The idea is that you get different tiers of payouts along with a chance for a bigger payout with two different wins if you hit a 1.