Live dealer games present a real person on the other side of your computer or mobile screen. Most casinos of this type also present a live chat option, making the experience similar to a brick-and-mortar establishment. If this sounds entertaining, then be sure to check out these handy tips before beginning your session.

Choose a Quality Live Casino

Not all casinos are created equal, and this applies to both live dealer and traditional online options. Before you open an account and start making deposits, it’s important to determine the overall quality of a casino. I suggest paying special attention to the following elements:

  • Payout Speed – How long does it take for the casino to issue payouts to their customers? Watch out for sites that engage in slow pay, as it’s an especially frustrating tactic.
  • Payment/Deposit Methods – Does the casino offer a payout/deposit method that’s convenient for you? If not, your interaction with them is likely to be a headache.
  • Customer Satisfaction – What do other players think about the casino? You can find customer feedback at gambling-related forums and other sites.
  • Blacklists – Gambling watchdog sites often maintain a blacklist of disreputable casinos. Before opening an account, make sure your choice isn’t on the list.

Don’t Be a Jerk

A live dealer casino is meant to simulate the experience of being in an actual gaming establishment. Therefore, you should behave as if the dealer and other players are physically next to you. This is most important when using the live chat feature, as abusive or disruptive behaviour can get you in trouble.

Check Your Internet Connection

Most online casinos can accommodate players with slower Internet connections. However, live dealer casinos have greater demands due to the extra date being streamed.

If you experience any issues, you’ll either need to upgrade to a better connection or look for another casino. Unfortunately, players who are stuck with slow or unreliable connections may have to skip the live dealer option for the foreseeable future.

Watch the Clock

Land-based casinos don’t have clocks on the wall. Why? Because they want to keep you there for as long as possible. In the world of casinos, time equals money.

Playing online can be equally engrossing, especially when a live dealer is staring back at you from the other side of the screen. Luckily, though, you can surround yourself with as many time-keeping devices as you want. Just remember to check them often. Otherwise, you may find that hours have passed in the blink of an eye.

Use Live Chat Sparingly

Some live dealer casinos allow you to communicate with the staff and customers via your keyboard. Meanwhile, others let you talk directly into a microphone.

This can be a great deal of fun, but don’t get carried away. Talking constantly can be a distraction, and it might even annoy the other participants. Just remember: it’s a casino, not a chat room.

The Pit Boss Is Your Safety Net

In addition to dealers, live casinos have a pit boss available. These individuals are responsible for making sure that things run smoothly on both sides of the table.

If you encounter a problem with the dealer, don’t be shy about speaking with the pit boss. They can investigate the matter and possibly issue a refund to your account. In the case of an incompetent or rude dealer, it also helps to document their bad behaviour.

Two employees at a live dealer casino

Avoid Chasing Losses

This tip applies to any casino, whether it’s virtual or brick-and-mortar. When you experience a losing streak, there’s always the temptation to try and recoup your losses. While there’s nothing wrong with being persistent, you can always take it too far.

Before a session, I suggest setting a loss limit. This is the maximum amount you’re willing to part with.

If you reach this amount, stop playing immediately. After all, you can always match wits with Lady Luck on some other day.

Place an Emphasis on Fun

Casino games are designed to pay out just enough to keep customers coming back for more. This means the house always has the long-term advantage, so it’s smart to play for fun instead of profit. If you can pull this off, then every session will be a winner (in a manner of speaking).

Don’t Forget to Tip

It’s common etiquette to tip dealers during play, and this also applies to live online dealers. However, not all software is set up for this courtesy. Just look for the button marked “Tip.” If it exists, then consider passing along some chips every now and again.

Select Dealers Based on Ability

I prefer my dealers to be as skilled as possible. Sure, there’s a chance that a weak dealer might work to your advantage, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Some players, however, are more concerned with the physical appearance of the dealer than anything else. In fact, most live dealers are women, and players are able to choose among them at will.

Selecting an effective dealer cuts down on potential problems during gameplay. It allows the session to run smoothly, which means more to me than a pretty smile.

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